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“One of the most responsive attorneys I have ever met.”

Mr. Blair is a rare find. Not only is he intelligent, but he is very compassionate about his clients. He truly cares about each and everyone of his clients. He never makes you feel like he is too busy working with other clients. One of the best things about Mr. Blair is that he is easy to reach. I never had a hard time getting a response from Mr. Blair. If I emailed him, or called and left a message, he would get back to me right away. When you have an active criminal case against you, it is really comforting, when you are able to reach your attorney and get the answers you need. I am glad that I had Mr. Blair on my side. -Criminal Defense Client

“Phenomenal Work”

Attorney Peter Blair was an outstanding lawyer. He relieved the stress my case put on me as a defendant by taking full responsibility and ownership. He is very knowledgeable when it comes to law and made everything extremely easy to understand. Moreover, he kept me informed on everything that was happening inside the court room. Words can’t express the work he did for me and I avoided an enormous amount of fees the city would have placed on me. Hence, he gets the results you are looking for. -Justin

“Excellent lawyer in a violent felony case, will stop at nothing to get you the best result!”

On June 27th I was arrested and the charges were severe. I was facing three felony charges for one arrest. My bail was $400,000, so I was stuck in jail for a long time. My public attorney went against what I wanted and disregarded his duties all together. When Peter was hired he was able to get one charge dropped immediately. The other charge got dropped in a plea bargain with the DA, a man he knew and trusted. By the time of my sentence I was only facing one charge and probation to rid of the last one. I highly recommend Mr. Blair, he is honest, thorough and dedicated towards justice for both his client and the community. -Seth

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