No doubt about it! Please include Peter Blair on your family's recovery journey.

Posted by a Criminal Defense client
Alcohol and drug addiction is a progressive and indiscriminating family disease. Upon learning of our son’s substance abuse, our family attempted an intervention that was not only unsuccessful; but, created a deep rift in relationship and subsequent communication. During this time, our son’s self destructive behavior escalated resulting in repeated arrests. It was at this point that we met Attorney Peter C. Blair and received help with rebuilding our family. Mr. Blair’s tenacity, his 24/7 availability, his knowledge and experience with addictions, together with his discernment in truly knowing our son and connecting him with the ‘right rehab’ created an opportunity for him to begin his recovery. To all who are struggling with addictions, if you need legal representation and are willing to embark on a road of recovery, please do not hesitate to include Attorney Peter C. Blair on your journey.
-A most appreciative family.

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